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Six Worst things you can say to your child

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Parents often unintentionally say a lot of things to their kids which may have a bad affect on their mind. Here are the things they should avoid saying to the little ones:

1. Don’t ever built a sense of guilt in your kid’s mind by making him feel that he is the culprit of something that is going on in home. Never tell him that you should be ashamed of yourself.OMGVIS0098-1
2. You should make your kid strong but it doesn’t mean you will restrict them from crying. Emotions are something that nobody can avoid. One need to learn how to tackle them, control them. Instead of stopping kids from crying you should make them aware about what emotions are.OMGVIS0098-2
3. Don’t expect your kid to behave like a gentleman, a sophisticated guy or girl. Come on how can you expect him/her to act maturely it is their age to live a free life. Stop being judgmental.OMGVIS0098-3
4. Don’t ever say you kid that “you can’t do it”. It will break his/her self-confidence. Instead motivate him to try and give his best shot.

5. Just to make your kid do something, don’t tell him that you will leave him alone, give him to some dangerous aunty etc. kind of stuff. Such a thing can have a worse impact on your little baby’s heart and mind.

6. Never make a fake promise to your little one. Such a thing will only teach him how to get work done by telling lies.

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