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Things parents expect you to do when guests come

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In typical Indian families, parents play many roles in the lives of their children. They have such a talent that they can beat and love their little ones at the same time. Here are the things parents expect from their children when guests come:
1.    No matter, how naughty, irresponsible you are, your parents want you to act sophisticated, well-behaved children whenever guest arrive at your home.OMGKAV2004-52.    When some of your tayi’s, chachi’s, etc. visit your home and give your money as shagun to show off their love, your parents want you to refuse that money smilingly. Deep inside you hate you parents that time.OMGKAV2004-63.    The most awkward thing your parents do and want from you in front of guests is to show how talented you are. They want you to sing a song, dance, or present something in front of them.OMGKAV2004-4
4.    That tough moment when your parents have told you to let guests eat first and at the same time, your guests offer you food. You get baffled and don’t know what to do. OMGKAV2004-05.    At times, parents start talking so high of you that you start getting a regretful feeling. You know you are not that capable and your inner-self makes you feel ashamed.
6.    That moment when your mothers says that some mouth-watering dish place on the table is prepared by you. You are like, what? When? How?

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