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Things you can do to save water

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Water is an essential part of our lives and just like oxygen, we can’t think of staying alive without water.  A lot of people in this world are facing troubles due to water scarcity. So, here are some things you can do to save water:
1.    Always check your washroom taps and pipes for leaks. If you find any, don’t delay the repairing process and attend them immediately.OMGKAV2002-12.    Turn off the tap after wetting your tooth brush. Many people are in a habit of keeping the water flowing while they are brushing their teeth. It’s not good, and leads to wastage of water. OMGKAV2002-23.    Some people love to take bath for long times, with music on. They should understand the importance of water and take shorter showers.OMGKAV2002-34.    Make it a habit to fill water in jug and place it in the fridge for cooling. This way you won’t keep the tap running while waiting for the fresh water to come.OMGKAV2002-45.    Gardening is a very good hobby and watering plants is a good thing to do. But, while doing so, always keep an eye over the tap don’t just leave the tap running without any reason.OMGKAV2002-56.    Don’t wash your vehicles regularly with water. Fix a day for that.

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