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Tricks to survive hot summer nights

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Summer is the bright colorful celebration. But this is also the season wherein there comes a time when high temperature and humidity makes your life hell. So here is how you can beat the heat on summer nights:
1.    The material of the bed sheets you choose for your bed matters a lot. So, this summer go for cotton bed sheets rather than using those silk sheets.OMGKAV1005-12.    Pack your bed sheet in a polythene bag and place it in the freezer for some time. After a while, take it out and make your bed and sleep on it. Trust me you will be able to spend a cool relaxed sleep.Therm-a-Rest Antares sleeping bag3.    Summer is the time you need to chill out to beat the heat. Stay away from skin tights and go for loose clothing. While sleeping wear shorts, loose tops, that too preferably in cotton stuff.OMGKAV1005-34.    Everybody uses fans in summers but when the heat waves get stronger you have to think out of the box. So, this summer use your standing fans creatively. Place the fan in the front of outdoor opening like a window, and it will bring cool breeze into the room. This will also help in proper wind circulation.OMGKAV1005-45.    Stay hydrated in summers, it is helpful in lowering down your body temperature. So, try to drink as much water as you can.OMGKAV1005-56.    In order to get a sound sleep on summer nights you must make it a habit to take shower before going to bed.OMGKAV1005-67.    We all use hot water bottle in winters to beat the chill, so why not reverse the process and use it in summers. Fill the hot water bottle place it in the freezer for some time and use it at night for a cooling effect.

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