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11 Weird statistics about everyday life

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In life a lot of things go on simultaneously all around the world. Nobody has all the knowledge about what is going around them. Some things are weird, some are serious. Here are some weird statistics about everyday life:
1.    There are around 30 million Facebook profiles of dead people which are presently active.OMGKAV2104-12.    Did you know that you can very well survive on a diet, including potatoes and butter as they provide all the essential nutrients that your body needs?OMGKAV2104-23.    The weight of ice-cream that Americans eat in a day is more than the weight of Eiffel Tower. They are very fond of ice-cream.OMGKAV2104-34.    Did you know that it takes only a pressure equal to 7 pounds to rip your ear off. OMGKAV2104-45.    In a year, the Earth experiences around 50,000 earthquakes.  OMGKAV2104-56.    If you want to fill a teaspoon with fog, you need to get 7 billion particles of fog.OMGKAV2104-67.    More of the serial killers belong to the occupation of truck drivers in comparison to any other.OMGKAV2104-78.    Did you know that every gallon of sea water has ¼ pound of salt in it. OMGKAV2104-89.    Every year, around 150 people are killed due to falling coconuts.OMGKAV2104-910.    In the US, 95% of all the paper money has traces of cocaine on it. OMGKAV2104-1011.    In a year, the amount of bottled water Americans drink is sufficient to fill more than 15,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.          OMGKAV2104-11

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