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5 inspirational and successful people who did not let failure describe them

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Failure, rejection can feel disturbing, but you must not let it crush you. We are here with some of the world’s most successful people who faced failure more than once but never gave up and proved themselves:

1. Bill Gates- Who doesn’t know the world famous man Bill Gates. He will forever be remembered for starting Microsoft. But, do you know that this was in fact not his first business venture. Before founding the software giant behind Windows, Gates was the head of a company called Traf-O-Data. He faced failure there but he never gave up.OMGVIS0014-1
2. Steve Jobs- All of us knows Steve Jobs, the Guru entrepreneur, the genius behind best-selling products, including the iPod, iPad, the iPhone or the MacBook. But the less know thing about him is that he faced so many failures in his life but didn’t let failure describe him. Armed with a number of failures he was more determined than ever to succeed and thus achieved it.OMGVIS0014-2
3. Chris Gardner: Chris Gardner is one of the best examples of why you should never give up in life. He is the CEO and founder of Christopher Gardner International Holdings, and has offices in San Francisco, Chicago and New York. The Hollywood flick, “The Pursuit of Happyness” is based on him and was a blockbuster. Even with a troubled childhood he managed to become what he is today.OMGVIS0014-3
4. Walt Disney: Starting with nothing, Walt Disney built a world renowned entertainment industry. His journey was not an easy one. Initially in life, Walt joined forces with Ub Iwerks and formed a commercial artist company, but the company failed after only a month. He didn’t lose hope, and remained focused, and you can very well see that his movies, merchandise, and toys are loved today.OMGVIS0014-4
5. Dr. Glenn Cunningham: He was the one who once in his life was not expected to survive, and was told that he can’t walk again but this man didn’t let circumstances destroy him. This determined young man Dr. Glenn Cunningham is the one who ran the world’s fastest mile.    OMGVIS0014-5

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