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5 Secret places which you are not allowed to visit

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In this world where you live in, there are many beautiful places where you are not allowed to visit. Here are some of them:
1.    Area 51- In Nevada’s ‘Area 51’, the strictness over the entry is to another level. Although the US is known for keeping places secret, this place is highly under observation. Nobody clearly knows the reason behind prohibition.OMGKAV2101-12.    Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion- Located in Ethiopia, you can’t access this place at any cost as it is said that the place contains one of the most sacred bible objects.OMGKAV2101-23.    Snake Island- Located at a distance of 90 miles from the city of Sao Paulo, this 100-acre Island, also known as IIha de Queimada Grande, is full of venomous serpents. It is estimated that this place has around 4,000 snakes. Brazilian navy has banned civilians on this beautiful island.Itanhaem_SP, 09 de novembro de 2010. Ilha de Queimada Grande Foto: JOAO MARCOS ROSA  /NITRO
4.    Bohemian Grove- This 2,700 acre rural place is in Monte Rio, California. Owned by Bohemian named private San-Fran based art club, this place hosts a camp for two weeks, three weekends for world’s most powerful men every summer. It is weird that others are not allowed there.OMGKAV2101-45.    Mezghorye, Russia- Located in Russia, common people are not allowed to enter this place. This is one of Russia’s secret sites for nuclear missile. The base of this place has automatic ballistic missiles.    OMGKAV2101-5

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