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6 Lame Logics Ekta Kapoor’s serials taught us

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In India, Ekta Kapoor is well known as the Goddess of television screen. Every other television serial is made by her and is watched in almost every home. From its dialogues to fashion trend, everything runs in the blood of most of Indian families. Here are some lame logics taught by Ekta Kapoor’s serials:
1.    A person never dies, no matter how old he is. He attends the marriage of his four generations, is full of expressions, very dramatic and is seen sitting on a wheel chair or with a walking stick all the time.OMGKAV2103-12.    No matter if anybody has died, as in Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps, duplicates are always available. You generally find them long after their death in a different place, with different lifestyle in a party or a meeting.OMGKAV2103-23.    In serials, life never remains smooth. They always show that life is full of complexities, when one ends the other problem is ready to knock at the door.OMGKAV2103-34.    Make-up is ever lasting in Ekta Kapoor’s serials. When the lead actress wakes up in the morning, she is full on in her loud makeup.OMGKAV2103-45.    The only focus is on being the perfect bahu. In fact her serials are nothing less than a journey depicting the hardships a bahu has to go through in her life. Her life is never shown happy. OMGKAV2103-56.    No matter you are happy, sad, excited or nervous you have to cry, shed some tears. Crying is an integral part of every scene in her serials.      OMGKAV2103-6

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