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7 classic ways loud people ruin your life

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Most of you must be having loud people in your friend circle and have faced weird situation in their company. Well, here are some ways in which loud people ruin your life:

1. Are you going to watch a flick, great? But with whom? Oh, with that loud lad, in that case all the best. Going for a movie with loud people can drop you in an embarrassing situation and trust me you are going to regret it.OMGVIS0015-1
2. Loud people are in a habit of talking in high pitch on phone, no matter they are sitting in office, gathering, party, or wherever, they just do it. The second they pick up the call, they feel like at home and start shouting as if the person on the other side of the phone has hearing issues.OMGVIS0015-2
3. Oh Gosh, library? That’s just not meant for them. If you visit to a library along with them, then get ready to face the punishment by the librarian.OMGVIS0015-3
4. Are you feeling sleepy and want to have a sound sleep? Oh, as long as you have a loud roommate you can’t even dare to dream about it. It’s just not possible.OMGVIS0015-4
5. If you have a loud lover, then the toughest job for you to do is to make her/him keep calm at the time of meeting your parents, as they just can’t do it. They can ruin the whole thing.OMGVIS0015-5
6. You can’t make out if they are happy and excited, sad or angry, as in all the circumstances they are seen speaking out loud.OMGVIS0015-6
7. You have a loud guy at your office? Well, in that case, my sympathy is with you as you can’t think of peaceful day at office. He is always like, ‘oh my my’, ‘oh my God’, ‘Waoo’, etc that too on a loud speaker mode.      OMGVIS0015-7

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