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7 life damaging mistakes we end up making unknowingly

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Mistakes are a part of life and play an important role in the growth of human beings. We often make some mistakes in life without even knowing that we are making them, and often end up damaging our life. Here are some of such mistakes we make but hardly notice:

1. It’s rightly said that “Comparison is the thief of joy”, and a lot of people have a habit of comparing themselves with others. We don’t realize the ill effects of it at that time but then later on we end up in depression.OMGVIS0013-1
2. Most of us have a habit of underestimating ourselves. Some might say that they do so to make sure they don’t get pride on their head but such people must realize that self-esteem is must, without it you can’t even do what you are capable of.
3. Come on don’t let the beauty make you blind. Many of us think that beauty is everything and try our level best to look beautiful, no matter at what cost. As we grow up we realize that it was inner beauty, intellectual level etc. that really matters and not the materialistic stuff, but then it was too late to go back.OMGVIS0013-3
4. It’s your life, live it the way you want. Stop thinking that pleasing others is the key, nobody bothers yaar. Compromising, adjusting is important at times but then not at the cost of your dreams, desires. So, start following your dreams.OMGVIS0013-4
5. In the journey of life almost all have faced betrayal once, but facing a betrayal doesn’t mean you will stop trusting people, making friends, getting into relationships. You must realize that all are not the same.OMGVIS0013-5
6. Admiration is good, but it doesn’t mean you will become a copy cat. Every individual is different and has talent but all they need to do is identify it. Know your strengths and be a leader, trend setter instead of a follower or one day you will realize that you are not the real you.OMGVIS0013-6
7. Lot of people starts taking drugs, smoking, drinking etc. just because they think it is cool. Well, let me tell you the fact that, “What all glitters is not gold”. Use your brains, do a deep study before making something a part of your life. Trust me regrets are painful.      OMGVIS0013-7

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