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7 Nakharey’s of maid that every Indian has to tolerate

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In India, people have to face a lot of tantrums of maids. No matter they pay attention to what their boss, friends or their near and dear ones say but they attentively listen to their maids. Maids are an important part of Indian families.  Getting the right maid these days is a very tough job. Here are some of their Nakharey’s that people have to face:
1.    The first and the most common thing that maids demand is leave. Every other day they come out with new excuses for leaves. Their leaves are paid. No matter they are coming 25 days a month of 29, they want full month pay.  OMGKAV2107-12.    Maids love to watch television while doing work. They think as if watching serials on your television is their work right.OMGKAV2107-23.    If their duty is to mop, clean the floor of your house and do dusting, then they won’t do even a single thing besides these. If something is placed in the centre of floor they would clean the place but won’t put in an effort to pick it up and place it on right place.OMGKAV2107-34.    Every third month they start cribbing for a hike in their salary.OMGKAV2107-45.    Maids are big gossip mongers and love to tell, present things in a spicy way. They love to take part in your family matters by hook or crook, in order to talk about them later on.OMGKAV2107-56.    On festivals, or others occasions they expect extra from you, not extra work but extra pay or a gift.OMGKAV2107-67.    They are very blunt when it comes to say no to something. And are always up for doing so. They are very quick at saying that they will leave work.        OMGKAV2107-7

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