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7 Things Girls Always Worry About

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Being a girl is not an easy thing. Every day, girls face a number of problems, but still they manage to wear a smile on their faces. Here are some of the things they always worry about:
1.    Weight: Almost every girl is sensitive about her weight. They cannot even imagine being fat in their dreams. OMGVIS2101-12.    Mr. Right: Girls always want their Mr. Perfect to woo them. They spend a number of hours of their day thinking about their Mr. Right. OMGVIS2101-23.    Age: There is no single girl on the planet who wants to get old. Girls always think about how to hide their actual age.      OMGVIS2101-34.    Fashion: When it comes about fashion, no girl believes in compromise. Girls don’t like to repeat their outfits. They have a range of clothes, but still they are out of clothes. OMGVIS2101-45.    Make-up: Not getting the perfect make-up is the worst nightmare of a girl. No girl wants to imagine her day without getting the perfect make-up. OMGVIS2101-56.    Hair: Girls love their hair. They love to do experiment with them. They spend a huge amount of time in deciding whether to get a haircut or not. OMGVIS2101-67.    Missing Sale: The word ‘sale’ attracts a number of girls around the globe. They love to shop when it’s a sale.

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