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8 Disastrous Ways Life Will Change Without The Internet

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In today’s world, no one can imagine a life without Internet. Internet has become the God for a lot of people. It has become an inseparable part of your life. Here are the disastrous ways life will change without the internet:

1. Most of the companies are web based and if there will be no Internet, the world will face a disaster. They will shut down and people will be left unemployed.OMGVIS0017-1
2. No internet means no Google. In that case, how will the students be able to finish their homework? The phase, “Just Google it” will die.OMGVIS0017-2
3. How will the selfie queens will be able to survive without updating photographs and dp’s on social websites.OMGVIS0017-3
4. Depression rates will increase. People these days pass time on social websites they post stuff, get likes, and feel good, motivated. If there will be no net they will suddenly start feeling lonely.OMGVIS0017-4
5. Interpersonal communication suffered a lot due to internet. And now if there will be no internet, people will need to learn how to talk again.OMGVIS0017-5
6. Without internet, you will not be able to stay in touch with the people overseas.OMGVIS0017-6
7. You will again need to stand in long queues for paying electricity bills, getting railway, airplane or bus tickets booked, as they will no more just a click away.OMGVIS0017-7
8. The online shopping addicts will die. They will no longer able to order their favorite stuff online and feel helpless.OMGVIS0017-8
In the nutshell, the world will face a disastrous set back.

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