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8 Witty responses for being single

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Are you one of those living a single life? Yes? Then you must have come across a lot of questions everyday from your near and dear ones, colleagues, etc. Tired of giving answers? Well, don’t worry here are some witty responses for being single:OMGKAV2102-11.    Tell that person, “I am lucky, I guess…”
2.    The easiest thing to do is turn around the question on them. Ask them, how they are still managing to be into a relation. This way you will be able to shift the spotlight on them.
3.    This one will put the other person into a situation. Just ask him why is he asking? Is he interested in you?
4.    You can directly say that who has the time to take the responsibly of somebody else in a world where you have to manage friends, work and need your alone time too.
5.    You can answer that you are waiting for the perfect one who can fill the empty space.
6.    Just confuse the other person by saying my prince charming is on his way, maybe he has forgot the directions.
7.    You can just say your pet dog would mind if you get into a relationship and give the other person a chance to laugh at the question.
8.    And the bomb shell, tell that person that true love is worth the wait no matter how long it is. After all just because you are single, you can’t marry any Tom, Dick and Harry.

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