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Common myths about relationships

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This is true that relationships go through complication at times but this doesn’t mean you can call them complicated always. People have a lot of myths about relationships. Here are some common relationship myths:
1.    You must have heard about this quite common myth that if love between two people is true, then the romance will never fade. Unfortunately this is not true as the chemicals in brain that are responsible for the pleasure don’t last long. There comes a time when you need to try a different way.Portrait of a young couple laughing2.    Some people easily say that in a good relation you don’t need to work. Well, this is not at all true. No matter how happy, blissful, understand two people are, they have to put in efforts at every stage in life. OMGKAV2105-23.    Many people say that if you love a person then you will feel those butterflies every time you will meet him. Come on, this is nothing more than a myth. Such a thing happens only when you have infatuation or you haven’t met your partner since long.Enjoying life - Attractive couple sitting on the beach
4.    Some girls/guys think that if their partner loves them then they would spend the whole day with them. But, no, this is not the reality, it is just a myth. Every individual on this Earth no matter how much he/she loves somebody naturally wants some alone ‘me time’ in life.OMGKAV2105-45.    People often say than fights ruin relationships but this not true. Fights, arguments are part of everyday life and if they are there between you and your partner it means both of you believe in pouring out your heart. The thing that is problematic is when you don’t try to resolve a misunderstanding or a fight.


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