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These 9 facts will make you feel happy about the world

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These little facts about life, creatures around and things will make you feel happy about the world you live in. Here you go:
1.    Did you know that all of us are made up of stardust?OMGKAV2106-12.    You would be amazed to know that a penguin proposes another penguin by giving it a pebble. Isn’t that cute? They mate for life.OMGKAV2106-23.    In real life, the people who gave the voices of Micky Mouse and Minnie got married.OMGKAV2106-34.    Alike human beings, cows also love to have best friends. OMGKAV2106-45.    Whatever you are going through in life will eventually pass. So, don’t lose hope, keep that smile on your face and never forget that time never remains the same. OMGKAV2106-56.    Every year, thousands of trees get planted on their own just because the squirrels forget where they hide their nuts. This is so cool and funny at the same time.OMGKAV2106-67.    Did you know that when you smile even without any reason, your body instantly releases a kind of chemical that drops you in a happy zone and you feel good.OMGKAV2106-78.    This one is so sweet. Did you know that Netherlands sends 20,000 tulip bulbs to Canada every year in order to thank them for helping out in the Second World War? Other countries should learn from them.OMGKAV2106-89.    Dogs have their own rules and ways of living and playing games. Did you know that a male dog lets the female dog to win in play fights.        OMGKAV2106-9

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