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5 Companies with really catchy taglines

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You need to focus on the audience when it comes to giving a tagline to your product. This way you are able to connect with the consumers in a better way. You must have noticed that top most brands, companies have quite catchy taglines of their product. Here are 5 companies with catchy taglines:
1.    BMW- BMW, one of the most famous car manufacturers, has an amazing tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. This company has given full justice to its tagline by proving the best driving machines time to time. OMGKAV2201-12.    Nike- This brand has an iconic tagline, “Just Do It”. Did you know that it was inspired by the last words of a convicted killer?  Its advertising executive Dan Wieden gave this slogan to this well known brand around three decades ago.OMGKAV2201-23.    McDonald’s- This food brand has a clever tagline “I Am Lovin’ It”. Did you know that this tagline is a single by Justin Timberlake, which was released in 2003. McDonald’s advertising campaign utilized it as the tagline.OMGKAV2201-34.    Apple- This is a tech daddy with an amazing tag line, “Think Different”. The brand’s tagline was created by Craig Tanimoto, ChiatDay art director. Apple discontinued the use of this slogan in 2002 with the start of the IMaC G4.OMGKAV2201-45.    Adidas- Adidas has a quite attractive tagline, “Impossible Is Nothing” and is one of the greatest slogans for sports brand. The slogan of this brand is taken in 1974 from a quote by one of the legendary boxers, Muhammad Ali. I must say this is a very motivating tagline.     OMGKAV2201-5

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