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5 inventors who were killed by their own inventions

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It takes a lot of knowledge, skills and efforts for an invention. Curiosity is the mother of invention and when an inventor invents something he is the first one to check it. Here are some unfortunate inventors who got killed by their own inventions:
1.    Horace Lawson Hunley: He was a confederate marine engineer during the American Civil War. He developed early hand-powered submarines. But unfortunately on October 15, 1863, his ship sank in the waters and he along with other crew members died.OMGKAV2202-12.    Henry Smolinski: He was an engineer and the creator of flying car. It was in 1973 when this man fused the rear end of a Cessna Skymaster airplane with a Ford Pinto to built first two prototypes. But at the time of testing the flight he along with the pilot died.OMGKAV2202-23.    Sabin Arnold von Sochocky: He was the man who invented the first radium-based luminescent paint. But didn’t know that his invention will become the cause of his death. He died because of aplastic anemia which is caused by radium poisoning.  OMGKAV2202-34.    Aurel Vlaicu: This man was the builder of world’s first metal plane. But, unfortunately his own invention lead to his death on September 13, 1913. He died during his first attempt to cross Carpathian Mountains in his plane.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5.    Max Valier: He was the one whose efforts led to the invention of rocket-powered cars and aircrafts. In January 1930, the first test firing of his invention with liquid propulsion was successfully performed. But sadly in May, during another test of alcohol fuelled rocket, an explosion took place on his test bench and resulted in the death of this Austrian rocketry pioneer.


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