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5 Problems Indians Face While Traveling Abroad

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We humans love to explore the beauty of mother earth by traveling. Visiting a new place always gives you an unforgettable experience. Indians are among those people who love traveling. However, it is not an easy task for an Indian to travel abroad. Here are some problems we Indians usually face while traveling:
1.    Understanding Other People’s Accent: When you are abroad, you are not going to meet Indians in every street. There, you have to deal with people with different accent. Indians understand English very well, but understanding the accent is a nightmare.OMGVIS2102-12.    Different Weather: We Indians are used to hot climate. When we visit a city with extremely low temperature, it becomes difficult for us to accept the climate.OMGVIS2102-23.    Picking up Calls in Roaming: A number of Indians face the problem when they travel abroad. Sometimes, they are forced to pick calls in roaming. They get frustrated when person on the other side of the phone starts nonsense topic on the phone.OMGVIS2102-34.    Buying Costly Things: It becomes painful for an Indian to pay a huge amount of money just to buy a can of soft drink. OMGVIS2102-45.    Using Toilet without Water: We Indians can’t imagine our toilets without water. It becomes painful for Indians when they are forced to use toilet papers instead of water.        OMGVIS2102-5

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