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5 Things of 90s That Have Been Replaced

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Technology has changed the world completely. When you will compare today’s time with the era of 90s, you notice a huge difference. There are a number of things that were very important a few years back, but today, they have been replaced with new and updated things. Here are some of those things:
1.    Social Media: Some years back, people were used to connect with people sitting in other locations of the globe through Orkut or chat room. Today, Orkut has been replaced by new social media websites like Facebook.OMGVIS2104-12.    Mobile Games: Mobile gaming was very popular when mobiles phones were new in the market. In 90s, people were used to playing mobile games like Snake Xenia. Today’s smartphones have replaced the game with new and more interesting game, Candy Crush saga. OMGVIS2104-23.    Text Messaging: There was a time when people used to have conversation on text messages. Today, the mobile world has becomes smarter and text messaging has been replaced messengers like Whatsapp. OMGVIS2104-34.    Telephone: Remember the first telephone of your house? We all waited for our friends to call us on landlines. Gone are the days when we used to do that. Today, mobile phones have replaced those landlines. OMGVIS2104-45.    Letters: Today’s generation will never know the importance of a letter. To tell a small thing to our beloved ones, we used to write letter and then for many days to get a reply. Today’s email has replaced letters.

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