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6 Questions Every Indian Hates to Answer

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India is an incredible country and Indians are among the most interesting people in the world. Being a citizen of India has its own benefits and disadvantages. Here are some questions that Indians are sick of hearing and hate to answer:
1.    What Caste Are You? This is a very common question asked by an Indian from another Indian. Some people in the country choose their friends after knowing their caste.OMGVIS2103-12.    Every Indian Speaks Like in Bollywood Movies? Indian people usually ask this question. Some irritated people reply, ‘oh, yeah! Like aliens attack the US every year and a superhero saves the nation’.OMGVIS2103-23.    You Are an Indian, but How Your English is so Good? People who ask this question probably don’t know that India is the second-largest English speaking country in the world. Problem? OMGVIS2103-34.    Cricket is Lame Version of Baseball. Right? Seriously! Do you really want an Indian to answer this silly question? It’s better to take your words back.OMGVIS2103-45.    All Indians are Vegetarian? We consider cow as mother, but it doesn’t mean we are not allowed to eat what we want to.OMGVIS2103-56.    India is really A Poor Country like Shown in Slumdog Millionaire? Yeah, we all become millionaire after participating in game shows.         OMGVIS2103-6

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