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7 Funny Things We Do During Exams

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Exams always bring long-time stress for students. During that time, most of the students become nervous. They know they have worked very hard the entire year to get good grades. During that stressful time, most of us do some weird and funny things. Some of them are:

1. We make a time-table for everything and allot most of the time to study. After studying for just an hour, we feel tired and forget about the time-table.OMGVIS0221-1
2. To make sure that we are preparing the correct subject, we call our friends and confirm the date of exams.OMGVIS0221-2
3. We ask our friends about their preparation for exam. We get nervous when we come to know that other friends have almost finished their revision. That time, we make a new time-table to study all-day and all-night.OMGVIS0221-3
4. We start calling the most intelligent student of the class to get some tips about self-study.
5. To study more, we organize group study with our friends. We decide to study for many hours, but end up talking nonsense about school and other friends.OMGVIS0221-5
6. We try to impress our teachers so that we can get some important notes.OMGVIS0221-6
7. We try to memorize all the chapters and important questions from our books.      

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