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7 Things You Do when You have Crush on Someone

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At least once in our life, we all have infatuation for a very special person. You can call it attraction, crush or love. When it happens, we celebrate every moment, but never let that cute person know about our feelings. During that phase, we do a number of weird things and some of them are:
1.    You find every possible way to meet your crush. You just want a sight of that very special person.OMGVIS2106-12.    You and your crush are not close to each other, but still you constantly check your phone to see if that person has sent a text to you. OMGVIS2106-23.    You know your crush’s daily routine. You are always there before you crush reaches the place. OMGVIS2106-34.    You love to dream about that person. Sometimes, you day dream about that special one. You know you are dreaming, but you can’t get over it.OMGVIS2106-45.    You know everything about that person. In addition, you know about your crush’s family, pets, friends and every person linked to that person. OMGVIS2106-56.    A smile appears on your face when your friends tease you by speaking that person’s name. You wish conversation about that person should never end. OMGVIS2106-67.    To get close to that person, you take help from social media. You try to find common friends between you and your crush.       OMGVIS2106-7

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