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8 Awkward situations faced by people who can’t flirt

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Some people exactly know it how to attract people, but poor are the ones who can’t flirt. Here are some of the awkward situations faced by people who can’t flirt:
1.    It is very difficult for you to decide whether to shake hands with the other person or give a warm hug.OMGKAV2203-12.    The whole gang gets it except you that somebody is trying to flirt with you. You are kind of ‘okay, bye’ types of guy/girl.  You have absolutely no idea when somebody is flirting with you.OMGKAV2203-23.    For you, social media is a much better platform when it comes to talking to your crush or somebody you have feelings for.Surprised young woman looking to laptop screen4.    You have tried many a times to flirt but it is just not your thing. Your every attempt failed badly and you have realized that you suck at it. OMGKAV2203-45.    You keep on thinking about your flirt experience and find it difficult even to go in front of that person out of embarrassment. OMGKAV2203-56.    At times you try to smile and pretend that you are kind of fun-loving person but it all looks so weird on you and you are left with lot of embarrassment.OMGKAV2203-67.    You often end up being friend-zoned. No matter how much you try to express your affection for somebody, it always ends up in friendship.OMGKAV2203-7
8.    You are known for how weird you look while trying to flirt and often laugh at yourself. You practice how to flirt in front of mirror but everything goes in vain once you meet somebody.    OMGKAV2203-8

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