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7 signs he is in love with you

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Many times we feel confused whether the person we love loves us or is just pretending. We can’t make out what is reality and what is fake. Well, here are 7 signs that show he is in love with you:
1.    He never feels shy or reluctant of introducing you to his people. He makes you part of his social life and hangs out with you in public.OMGKAV2204-12.    While romancing, kissing and having sex, he maintains an eye contact with you. Eye contact shows confidence and love. If he is true to you he won’t roll his eyes around to avoid a contact with you. OMGKAV2204-23.    If he gets free early, he makes a plan with you. He loves to spend his free time with you.OMGKAV2204-34.    No matter whether it is future planning, hopes or dreams for future he shares everything with you.OMGKAV2204-45.    During tough times, he also faces nervousness, but tries to lighten the situation by making you laugh. He never misses a chance to crack a silly joke in tense situations to cheer you up.OMGKAV2204-5
6.    In his life he values your opinion. He asks you about things and goes by them if finding suitable. He is not at all reluctant to go by your opinion.   OMGKAV2204-67.    With love comes care, safety etc. At times he gets a little protective. No matter you are sitting in a restaurant or at home, he makes sure nobody says anything to you. He loves to take care of you.      OMGKAV2204-7

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