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7 Strange Logics Girls Give to Lose Weight

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At least once in life, every girl thinks that she is putting some extra weight. An extra 250 gram makes a girl think that she is fat. That is the time when girls start giving silly logics to lose weight. Here are some of those logics:

1. When they compare their new photos with old ones, they find that they have gained some weight. That time, they decide to lose some extra pounds to look slimmer.OMGVIS0224-1
2. Jealousy. A girl decides to lose weight just because her best friend is size zero and she can’t stand behind people, especially her friend.OMGVIS0224-2
3. Because she doesn’t have the best figure, she decides to try anything to look a perfect girl.
4. Sometimes sweating is sexy for girls. They don’t know how to convince their parents to join gym to lose weight.OMGVIS0224-4
5. To get compliments for their figure. They want people to praise their beauty and it is possible if they have a perfect figure.OMGVIS0224-5
6. Staying fit means younger look. Almost every woman wants to look younger than she is.

7. They don’t want to be called with names like ‘fatty’.       OMGVIS0224-7

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