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7 times everyone feels embarrassed in life

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There are many situations in life when we face or have faced embarrassment in life. Some deal with it cleverly while others gives up. Here are 7 times you feel embarrassed in life:
1.    The moment when something serious is going on and in the deep silence your stomach growls. Trust me this one makes you feel so embarrassed. OMGKAV2205-12.    The moment when you insert your card in the ATM and the machine doesn’t recognize it and you need to put it in again and again. Such a thing happens at the time of swiping the card also. OMGKAV2205-23.    Oh, yes, how can I forget to mention this common incident which must have happened with most of you at some point of life: The moment when to slip, fall or collide in public, and the next minute you act as if nothing has happened but deep inside you face an embarrassment attack.OMGKAV2205-34.    You had a good meeting in the morning and when you went in the washroom you realized that food is stuck in your front teeth.  OMGKAV2205-45.    When you go out to hang out or party with someone who doesn’t know how to behave in public and suddenly you realize it is too late to go back. All eyes are on you as the other person is used to his own behavior and all the awkwardness you have to face.OMGKAV2205-56.    The moment you are sitting in a meeting thinking that your phone is on silent and suddenly your cell rings out loud, that too, a funny ringtone you have set for a particular person.OMGKAV2205-67.    The moment you are entering a building and you open the door in wrong direction.

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