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8 Reasons why Shopping Will Always Be A Girl’s Favorite Activity

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A shopping mall is probably the best place for girls. They can spend many hours in a shopping mall without complaining about anything. Do you know why girls love to shop? Here are some of the reasons why shopping is one the most favorite activities of a girl:

1. Most of the girls in the world love to explore things and nothing can be better than shopping when it comes to exploration. Girls get excited when they come to know that there is a new pair of footwear in their nearby mall.OMGVIS0222-1
2. Girls feel comfortable when they are shopping. They cure their bad mood by shopping a lot. They can shop when they are happy, sad, nervous and sometimes without any reason.OMGVIS0222-2
3. Shopping is girls’ favorite pastime. They can stay away from their partners, but not from shopping.
4. Girls shop almost every week, but still they don’t have anything to wear! To solve this problem, they go shopping.
5. It is the most important thing of their life. They compromise with their health, but not with their fashion.OMGVIS0222-5
6. There are a lot of things that girls don’t have in their wardrobe.

7. Shopping is the only thing in the world that bonds a girl with another girl.OMGVIS0222-7
8. Girls spend most of the time of their childhood trying their mother’s clothes. Now, it’s their time to buy new stuff for themselves.       OMGVIS0222-8

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