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Easy tricks to manage your time

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These days nobody has time, everybody is busy in his life. Most of the people can’t handle pressure, especially when you have to do work along with lot of other things in a particular time slot. Well, don’t worry here are some easy tricks to manage your time:
1.    Make a plan: In the morning or a night before, make it a habit to plan the stuff you have to do in the following day and divide your time as per your commitments. This way you can better ready yourself for the day.OMGKAV2207-12.    Art of saying no: Learn the art of saying no. Focus on your deadlines and if you don’t have enough time avoid making a commitment to somebody, for which you won’t be able to spare time.OMGKAV2207-23.    Lead life in an organized way: Keep your stuff in office and at home in an organized way. Make it a pint to keep the things at their proper place so that you don’t need to waste your time looking for them.OMGKAV2207-34.    Priority list and deadlines: Make a priority list and follow it. Set your goals for the day and try to achieve them in set deadlines.OMGKAV2207-45.    Award yourself: Take breaks and short naps but before that tell yourself to achieve a particular goal. When you know that your nap time is coming near you speed up, fasten your working process in order to achieve desired goal and get nap in reward.    OMGKAV2207-5

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