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Five Types of Talks That Happens Only Between Men

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Many people around the world have a belief that all men are same. But, have you ever tried to find the reason? It is conversation between two guys that make people think weird about men. When we see two men talking to each other, we always think they would be having silly conversation. Here are some types of conversations that happen only between men:

1. You are still single! But, why? Didn’t you find a perfect partner for yourself? Okay, I am going to find a suitable match for you. After all, you are my best friend.OMGVIS0223-1
2. Let’s have a drink, but this time you have to pay the bill as last time I was the one who paid for your drink.
3. Do you know I am going on a date with a hot girl? To make impression, I want your car. Please give me the keys of your car. OMGVIS0223-4
4. There is nothing named ‘love’. These girls never understand a man and his feelings. I am going to tell her that I need my space and in that you have to help me.OMGVIS0223-5
5. Dude, I am going to attend an event and I don’t want boss to know about that. If he asks you, tell him that I am not feeling well.     

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