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Indian customs to know before visiting India

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India is a diverse country with a number of languages, cultures and religions. Here are some customs you must be aware of before visiting India.
1.    In India people are very sensitive about religion and religious places. So, before coming to India you must be aware about the temple etiquettes. You can’t just wear a shorts and go to offer prayers in a temple.OMGKAV2206-12.    You must be aware of the fact that in India people are not that open when it comes to meeting people. You can shake hands with men but when it comes to women you need to maintain some distance and can just do Namaste.OMGKAV2206-23.    Get ready to be answerable to huge number of questions. In India, people look for a chance to get into a conversation with the other person. People might ask you where you belong to. Why have you come to India? And stuff like that so be prepared.OMGKAV2206-34.    Get ready to wait. In India you can’t get anything done instantly. You need to wait, ask again and again and then if you are lucky you get what you want. OMGKAV2206-45.    Think before getting into public display of affection to your partner. It is India, and you just can’t start kissing your partner on road.OMGKAV2206-56.    Shopkeepers, tourist guides etc. can make a fool out of you. Foreigners seem to be rich to most of the Indians and less informative about the Indian living costs etc. thus they try to charge them more. So, consult your known Indian friend first before going on a shopping spree.       OMGKAV2206-6

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