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Really romantic ideas to make your lover melt

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We all look for ways to make our partner fall in love with us again and again. In today’s busy life, you can’t get to spend romantic time easily. Well, here are some really romantic ideas to make your lover melt:
1.    Romantic holiday: Nothing can beat a romantic outing with your partner. This is something that easily brings all that rush of romance back in your lives. You get time to create beautiful memories that you can cherish lifelong.OMGKAV2301-12.    Play with your partner’s hair: This is a quite uncommon gesture to make your lover melt. While your partner is reading a book or watching television, softly play with her/his hair. Trust me it will drop your partner in a near meditating state.   OMGKAV2301-23.    Massage: After a tiring day who doesn’t love to get a massage? I am sure everyone does. Next time you want your partner to melt and fall in a romantic zone, just give him/her a soothing massage on back or if you have time then all over the body and create a sensual aura.   OMGKAV2301-34.    Texts: Appreciation, compliment is something everybody loves to get. Do appreciate your partner for the efforts he/she does for you. Do compliment, it works.OMGKAV2301-45.    Bathtub: Bathtubs are very romantic. Decorate your bathroom, light some perfumed candles and spend some time with your lover in the bathtub. This is not only relaxing but also sensual.     OMGKAV2301-5

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