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Seven items every woman’s wardrobe should have

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Women have huge wardrobe and every woman has a different taste when it comes to style. But, we are here with 7 items that every woman’s wardrobe must have:
1.    White T-shirt- This is something which every woman should have in her closet. You can wear a white T-shirt in a lot of ways. It will look fabulous with jeans, tucked in a skirt, etc. ????????????????????????????????????2.    Jeans- Jeans is must in a girl’s wardrobe and I am sure every girl has it. You can wear it with tops, crops, kurti’s, shirts and carry a different outlook every time.OMGKAV2209-23.    Heels- Girls must have a pair of heels in their wardrobe you never know when you need to pair it up with a little black dress or in with trousers at the time of a business meeting.OMGKAV2209-34.    Black Stockings- Black stockings not only look classy but at the same time can also serve the purpose of many other things. You can wear them with kurti’s, lone falling tops, under shorts, etc.OMGKAV2209-45.    Nude, strapless Bra- Many of you might not know about this awesome item. This bra is one in all kind of stuff. Especially during summers, this bra is apt, when you want to wear strapless dresses, sheer blouses, white dress, backless little dress etc. You can wear it under lightest tops without any hitch.    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 6.    Scarf- Scarves are never out of trend. You can wear it around your neck, your head, and in any way you want. Scarf looks cool.OMGKAV2209-67.    Black Blazer- This is a must item for winters. You can wear it on anything from strapless dress to sweaters, trust me anything. Black blazers rock.  OMGKAV2209-7

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