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6 Reasons Men Love Food More Than Anything Else

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If you want to impress a man, just cook his favorite food. There is a very famous saying that you can reach a man’s heart through his stomach, and it’s true. Men love food more than they love anything else. But, why they love food so much? Well, here are some reasons:

1. Men love food more than sleep. According to a study, men think about food more than 18 times a day, while they think about sleep 11 times every day. They keep on thinking about food. OMGVIS0229-1
2. They know they cannot lose an argument when it is about food because they know everything about their favorite dishes.OMGVIS0229-2
3. Men hate when it comes about changing their habits. They love food more than their women just because food doesn’t need you to change yourself.OMGVIS0229-3
4. Food for men is like shopping for women. They don’t need a reason to go for it.OMGVIS0229-4
5. They have eaten some of the most delicious foods when they were kids. Now, it has become their habit to gulp those tasty foods again.OMGVIS0229-5
6. Like women, men don’t develop hobbies like shopping, fashion and gossiping. The only left thing is food. When they have nothing to do, they think about food.     OMGVIS0229-6

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