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6 Youngest murderers of all time

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All of us hear about a lot of murders around the world every day. But in most of them, there is an involvement of an adult person. Here are some of the youngest murderers of all time:
1.    John Venables and Robert Thompson: At the age of just ten, this duo murdered James Bulger in 1993.  They kidnapped the 2-year old and tortured him before bringing him to death.OMGKAV2307-12.    Carl Newton Mahan: On May 18, 1929 in eastern Kentucky, 6-year-old Mahan killed his friend Cecil Van Hoose over a small piece of scrap iron. OMGKAV2307-23.    Paul Henry Gingerich- This guy at the age of just 12 played the central role in the killing of his friend Colt Lundy’s step-father named Phillip Danner. He along with his friend killed Danner on 21st of April 2010.OMGKAV2307-3 4.    Mary Bell- At the age of just 11, this girl murdered two boys in the town of Scotswood, England. The victims were 4-year-old Martin Brown and 3-year-old Brian Howe.  OMGKAV2307-45.    Joshua Phillips- This guy murdered somebody when he was just 14-year-old. He was the part of one of the most shocking adolescent murder trials in history. He was the murderer of an 8-year-old Maddie Clifton who was his neighbor. OMGKAV2307-5
6.    Eric Smith: At the age of 13 this guy murdered 4-year-old Derrick Robie. He took the victim to an isolated park where he chocked him. Later on he was sentenced for 9 years after confessing the crime.    OMGKAV2307-5

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