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7 Unbelievable things that are actually legal in America

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Every country has its own rules for the betterment of the society and to maintain peace. Here are some unbelievable things that are actually legal in America:
1.    In Mississippi you can drink and drive. Yes, you are reading it right, it is not illegal you are not breaking any law if you are drinking while driving.OMGKAV2306-12.    There are 29 States in America wherein gays can be fired from workplace just for being gay. Retailers refuse to take their services and don’t entertain them.OMGKAV2306-23.    You can own a tank in America, if you have that much bucks to buy it. It is legal but then there are some restrictions that are pot on the owner of the tank.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????4.    In Massachusetts, parents can feed alcohol to their children as it is legal. As per the law, parents can’t be held criminally liable for giving alcohol to their children at home. OMGKAV2306-45.    In 9 States in America you can own a brown bear as a pet in home. It is absolutely legal to keep them as pet. OMGKAV2306-56.    This one is shocking. In 11 States, including Kentucky, you can have sexual relations with animals.OMGKAV2306-67.    If you are living in Florida, you are allowed to fire a bullet in your backyard.


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