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8 Reasons Indians Will Miss Maggi Badly

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Earlier, Maggi was considered as national food of India. It was heart and soul of many Indians. Whether you didn’t feel like cooking or want to eat something after midnight, you favorite Maggi was always there. But, now people’s favorite noodles have been banned. Here are the reasons why we all are going to miss Maggi badly:

1. You don’t need rocket science to cook Maggi; even a 10-year-old kid can cook these yummy noodles in just few minutes.OMGVIS0227-1
2. Our childhood memories are attached to it. Our mother knows Maggi was the best way to calm us down when we were hungry.OMGVIS0227-2
3. The best thing about these noodles was that they were available everywhere in the country. It was easily available in canteens, offices, malls and even in hills.OMGVIS0227-3
4. There were so many brands on noodles in the market, but most of us hardly any of them except Maggi.OMGVIS0227-4
5. There was no perfect time to eat Maggi. You could have it in the morning, afternoon, evening and even after 2 am.OMGVIS0227-5
6. It was savior when our mother cooked something that we don’t like. Maggi was the only thing that you cooked that time.OMGVIS0227-6
7. Maggi was available in every cost. There was a packet of five rupees and a packet of 48 in the market.OMGVIS0227-7
8. Remember the time when we felt like a professional chef when we cooked Maggi.        OMGVIS0227-8

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