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Lessons that betrayal teaches us

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Life teaches us a lot of things and betrayal is one of the best teachers. Most of you must have faced betrayal at some point of time in your life. Here are the lessons that betrayal teaches us:
1.    Betrayal is painful but then at the same time it is a reality check too. Betrayal teaches us to be alert next time when it comes to trusting somebody. The experience of betrayal teaches us to value people who love us unconditionally, like parents.OMGKAV2305-12.    Betrayal teaches us self-importance. It makes us value ourselves and leave the ones who don’t know our importance in life. We start loving ourselves more, after all, betrayal has taught us that only self can’t betray us.OMGKAV2305-23.    When we face betrayal, initially we break down, shatter into pieces but then there is something in us that gives us the strength to get up and fight the circumstances. That is how betrayal makes us strong.OMGKAV2305-34.    After betrayal you get to know the real value of being independent as you realize that you can’t depend on others in this world. You start working in the direction of making yourself self-sufficient.OMGKAV2305-45.    You get the gift of acceptance from betrayal. You learn to accept things, life’s unexpected blows. At first when you face betrayal, you can’t accept what has happened. But then, time makes you realize you have to accept it, face it and overcome it. That’s how life is.      OMGKAV2305-5

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