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Signs you are in a healthy relationship

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Everybody wants to be in a healthy relationship. Huge workload and lot of tension these days ruin even the best of the best relationships. But then there are ways to handle them to lead a healthy life. Many people are in a healthy relation even today. Here are the signs you are in a healthy relationship:
1.    Being with him/her is not a constant battle anymore. Both of you love to spend time with each other.OMGKAV2302-12.    Both of you understand the importance of alone time in life and give each other personal space.OMGKAV2302-23.    The healthiest thing about your relation is you are friends. You share everything with each other without any hitch. You don’t feel awkward of being you in front of each other.OMGKAV2302-34.    Motivation and encouragement are very important in life. Both of you are not only supportive but also inspire each other to be better.Young romantic couple in the kitchen5.    Spying on each other’s personal stuff is not your thing. You don’t snoop through each other’s messages as you don’t need to because you trust each other.OMGKAV2302-56.    Both of you believe in keeping the past in the past only. You don’t mix the past in the present to ruin the future. You guys live in present moments. OMGKAV2302-67.    You have fights, arguments but then you both know that it is not the end of your relation. You respect each other’s opinions no matter you agree or not.


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