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Things To Say When Your Family Asks What Are You Doing With Your Life

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Questions asked by family members are always scary and unavoidable. Once you finished your study, they are ready with thousands of questions. What you will say when they ask ‘what are you really doing with your life’? Here are the things to say:

1. Share Your Instant Plans: Instead of talking about your long-term future plans, share your immediate plans with them. Tell them what you have thought to do right now. Your instant plans can be a trip before hunting a job, attending a class to learn some workplace skills and so on.OMGVIS0226-1
2. Don’t Lie: It is not an easy thing to answer such questions, but instead of telling a lie to your family, be brutally honest. If you are planning to enroll in some other classes, tell them directly.OMGVIS0226-2
3. Share What You Want to Be in Your Life: It is important to show your family that you are damn serious about your life. To do so, share your ultimate goals with them. Tell them, what you life goals are.

4. Explain Your Plans: At first, your family will not take you seriously. To make them realize that you are serious about your goals, explain them how you will achieve your life’s ultimate targets.

5. Ask Them To Support You: Convincing your family could be the most difficult task, but when you do that, they realize you really want to pursue your dreams.

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