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Top Men’s magazines you might want to read

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Here are some magazines that every man out there would love to go through:
1.    Men’s Health: Published by Rodale Inc. Pennsylvania, United States, Men’s Health is world’s best-selling men’s magazine. This well-known magazine is a men’s guide to fitness, health, sex, fashion, love etc.   You can get anything and everything trending related to men in this magazine.OMGKAV2303-12.    GQ: This class men’s magazine focus on fashion tips, health, fitness, sex, relationship advice, and lots of entertainment stuff. Every guy will love to read this magazine. Its full form is Gentlemen’s Quarterly.  OMGKAV2303-23.    Men’s Journal: This magazine provides useful information about travelling, politics, relationship, fitness, and everything that a man living in today’s world needs to know.  The writers of the articles published in this magazine are well experienced ones who have in-depth knowledge about their fields.  OMGKAV2303-34.    Forbes: This American business magazine offers amazing original articles on marketing options, finance, investing and everything one needs to know to get successful in life. Owned by Forbes Inc. this magazine also provides articles on technology, lifestyle etc. OMGKAV2303-45.    Maxim: This amazing magazine has an addictive tagline: “It’s what guys want”. In this magazine you can find sexiest female pictures, funny realities and lists and articles, which are quite entertaining. OMGKAV2303-56.    Popular Mechanics: This magazine has everything related to the automotive industry. This magazine delivers all the updated developments in the field of innovations and keeps all the geeks out there updated with what’s going on in the world.      OMGKAV2303-6

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