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10 Mind-Blowing facts everyone must know about Germany

10 Mind-Blowing facts everyone must know about Germany
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How well do you know Germany? Not much? Well, you need not to worry as here are some mind-blowing facts everyone must know about Germany:
1.    In Germany, around 65% of the highways don’t follow any speed limit. You are allowed to press the accelerator hard of your vehicles on the roads.OMGKAV2308-12.    World’s first ever magazine was launched in Germany in 1663.OMGKAV2308-23.    In Germany, you don’t need to pay any tuition fees for studying in college.OMGKAV2308-34.    Germany is the both economic and industrial heartbeat of Europe. It has Europe’s largest economy.ARCHIV - Der Monteur Günther Wiko zieht die Muttern am Drehgestell eines Eisenbahndrehkrans «Multi Tasker 1600» der Kirow Ardel AG in Leipzig an (Archivbild vom 12.07.2010). Der Wirtschaftsaufschwung in Deutschland wird nach Einschätzung des ifo-Instituts im kommenden Jahr an Fahrt verlieren. Das konjunkturelle Expansionstempo werde wohl merklich geringer sein als im laufenden Jahr, sagte ifo-Chef Hans-Werner Sinn am Dienstag (14.12.2010) in München. Nach einem Wachstum von voraussichtlich 3,7 Prozent in diesem Jahr rechnet das ifo-Institut für 2011 mit 2,4 Prozent. Foto: Jan Woitas dpa/lsn (zu dpa 0184 am 14.12.2010)  +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++5.    Did you know that the tradition of a Christmas tree has come from Germany? OMGKAV2308-56.    It is illegal to run out of fuel on highways in Germany.OMGKAV2308-67.    In Bavaria, Germany, beer is officially considered a food.OMGKAV2308-78.    Alike us, Germans don’t answer a phone call by saying ‘hello’. Instead in Germany, a call is answered with surnames. OMGKAV2308-89.    Did you know that in the time period 1989-2009 around 2,000 schools were shut down due to children scarcity?OMGKAV2308-9 10.    In Germany, a prisoner doesn’t get punished if he tries to escape the prison because they think that it is a basic human instinct to be free.       OMGKAV2308-10

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