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6 Ways to deal with High Blood Pressure without medication

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High blood pressure is a very commonly seen problem these days. Every second person is suffering from it. Here are some ways to deal with high blood pressure without medication:
1.    Brisk Walk: Exercise helps the heart use oxygen more efficiently. In order to lower down the blood pressure and maintain it, you must make it a habit to walk regularly, that too, at a fast pace. OMGKAV2401-12.    Quit Smoking: Smoking is injurious to health and is also responsible for high blood pressure. If you smoke, then you must quit it to bring your blood pressure back to normal. The moment you smoke a cigarette your blood pressure shoots to high level and stay there for some time.OMGKAV2401-23.    Breathe Deeply:  You should take deep breaths, inhale and exhale properly. Indulge in some meditation activities or yoga as these will help you in decreasing stress hormones and thus lower down your blood pressure.OMGKAV2401-34.    Diet: Potassium-rich fruits and vegetables are must if you want to lower the blood pressure. This diet comprises potatoes, orange juice, tomatoes etc.OMGKAV2401-45.    Reduce Sodium in your diet: Kidneys use sodium to maintain water and electrolyte level in the body. Thus the more the intake the more the retention of it, resulting in rise in blood pressure.OMGKAV2401-56.    Weight Control: If you are overweight then there are more chances of high blood pressure. Keep a check on your weight, do exercise regularly and eat a high-fiber diet.    OMGKAV2401-6

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