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7 Amazing things which Science fails to explain

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Undoubtedly Science has made our life a lot easier as compared to the ancient times. But,  there are many things which Science still fails to explain. Here are some of them:
1.    All of us yawn, but do we know the reason behind it? No? Well, even Science has failed to explain the reason behind yawning.OMGKAV2404-12.    Did you know that tomatoes have more genes than human beings? Yes, this is true. Tomatoes have over 30,000 genes while we have between 20,000 to 30,000 genes. Science has failed in giving the reasons behind it.OMGKAV2404-23.    Placebo effect is an amazing phenomenon but the reason behind is still unknown. Nobody knows how exactly placebo effect works.OMGKAV2404-34.    Science fails to explain why the atmosphere of the sun is so much hotter than the sun’s surface.OMGKAV2404-45.    Even science has failed to explain yet that how life has come into origin from inanimate elements. Nobody knows how life has come into being.OMGKAV2404-56.    Even today, Science doesn’t have a proper answer to why magnets always have a north and south pole.OMGKAV2404-67.    Recently the first oxygen-free animals were found deep down in the Mediterranean sea. These creatures were discovered from the Loricifera Phylum. So far the research is going on their evolution.      OMGKAV2404-7

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