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9 Selfie facts you probably didn’t know

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Selfie has become an addiction today. Everybody is seen taking a selfie with friends, family, favourite car, bike, actors, etc. Here are some selfie facts you probably didn’t know:
1.    Did you know that in August 2013, the word ‘selfie’ was officially added to The Oxford English Dictionary? It was voted as the ‘word of the year’.OMGKAV2309-12.    Did you know that the No Makeup Selfie campaign by UK generated a terrific 12.5 million dollars?OMGKAV2309-23.    As per Google stats, 93 million selfies are taken every day on android devices, which means approximately 64,583 photos per minute.OMGKAV2309-34.    Kylie Jenner has won the title of the celebrity with the largest number of selfies with 450 photographs.OMGKAV2309-45.    The earliest use of this term has been traced back to 2002 when it first appeared on Australian online forum.OMGKAV2309-56.    The Oscar selfie has topped the list of most searched selfie on internet.OMGKAV2309-67.    In 2012, Time magazine listed the word selfie in its top 10 Buzzwords. OMGKAV2309-78.    This word was officially accepted in 2014 for use in the famous word game scrabble.OMGKAV2309-89.    The maximum numbers of selfies are clicked by Australians. After them come people of States and Canada.        OMGKAV2309-9

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