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Top 5 lies you tell your spouse

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Telling a lie is not at all a good thing to do. But sometime we have to hide the truth for the betterment of all. Such a thing especially happens in couples. Here are some of the lies you tell your spouse:
1.    I am fine: The moment you look down, sad and your spouse keep on asking, ‘are you fine?’ There is no problem in it but then instead of helping you out they keep on asking the same thing and their care starts making you feel annoyed. After getting fed up with that you have to say, “I am fine”.OMGKAV2403-12.    I don’t care: Whenever you have an argument, fight with your partner, you lose your temper and start saying to him/her, “I don’t care”. Whereas in reality you love and care a lot. OMGKAV2403-2
3.    I am going on a diet: Some people have a habit of saying every other day that ‘now I am going on diet’ but in reality the day never comes. This is one of the most common lies.OMGKAV2403-34.    It was on sale: To avoid the argument women often say that the stuff they have bought from shops was on sale. In reality, the things were not on sale but the women have to say to safeguard themselves.OMGKAV2403-45.    I am not well: At times your spouse wants you to do this or that, go for a movie, dinner but you don’t feel like going and can’t say so. For such times there is a very common lie that ‘I am not well’.     OMGKAV2403-5

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