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7 reasons you give when a traffic cop confronts you

7 reasons you give when a traffic cop confronts you
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This happens generally in India that when police catches you, you start giving excuses to free yourself and at times get lucky. Here are some of the reasons you give when traffic police confronts you:
1.    The most common excuse people give is that they are new to this place and was not aware of the traffic rules.OMGKAV2408-12.    Generally, when traffic police catches somebody, the person comes up with an excuse that he was on his way to an emergency. OMGKAV2408-23.    Some people when got caught by the traffic police officer, he starts behaving dramatically. They start showing their acting skills and create a situation to baffle the police officer and surprisingly even succeed in it. OMGKAV2408-34.    Some people are so clever at making others fool that they easily get free from challan. They tell the traffic police officer that they know they have crossed the light but it is just because they are trying to catch someone. They are trying to save somebody.OMGKAV2408-45.    Some acts as if they are so innocent and start begging. They start saying that it was their first time and would never repeat the same.OMGKAV2408-56.    And some starts flaunting their links, power and money. They warn the traffic police officer to leave them else they would talk to the head of the department and get them fired.OMGKAV2408-67.    And, if none of the excuses work, people just show Rs100 note and say, ‘Yeh rkhlo sir, but please, challan mat kaatna’.      OMGKAV2408-7

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