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8 Wishes We Make Every day And Hope They Come True

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There is no doubt that we all make many wishes every day and hope one day all of them come true. Some of them come true, while some of them don’t. Here are some of the wishes we all make every day.

1. The best wish that every single person on the planet makes every day is that all of our wishes come true.
2. From morning to night, you meet a number of individuals and many of them speak lie to you. Sometimes, you wish you could identify the people who usually lie to you.OMGVIS0143-2
3. In today’s fast and furious world, you don’t have enough time to enjoy your life. We all wish that there should be another version of ourselves to handle our work, so that we can enjoy our life.OMGVIS0143-3
4. Who doesn’t miss school life? All of us wish to live those precious moments again.OMGVIS0143-4
5. In today’s world, it is not an easy task to get a good job. It doesn’t matter how hardworking you are, you never get a job of your choice. We all wish to get a job easily.OMGVIS0143-5
6. Who loves Monday? We all wish there should be no Monday on a calendar.OMGVIS0143-6
7. Growing up isn’t that cool. Childhood is the best time of life. We wish we could get another chance to live childhood again.

8. There is a very common wish we all make: pause the time. We all wish to have a remote control to pause the time.    OMGVIS0143-8

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