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Annoying habits of relatives that make you feel like going and punching them

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At times relatives play the roles of villains in your life. They irritate you, laugh at you and look for a chance to make you feel less than what you are. Here are some of the annoying habits of relatives that make you feel like going and punching them:OMGKAV2406-11.    The moment when you get average marks in exams and your relatives visit your home just to make you realize that their children have scored better than you.
2.    The moment your relatives keep on munching the samosas at your place, while pretending how much they care for you. And once their tummy is full the solution they come up with is ‘Hone ko kon taal sakta hain’.
3.    The moment your parents find a perfect match for you and your relatives, instead of being happy, keep on pointing out faults in that person’s looks, habits etc. out of jealousy.
4.    The moment when your relatives visit your place, they sit with your parents and start comparing you with other children. And, you have to bear the consequences.
5.    If you love somebody and you have convinced your parents for it with very difficultly but they are made to think again just because of the opinions of your tayas, chahcas, buas and other relatives.
6.    The moment when your bua, mami or any other relative comes to your home and asks your mom about your cooking skills? You are like, come on what you have to do with that?

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