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Stupid crimes ever committed by people

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There are a lot of people out there who have been into prison just because of some silly, stupid crimes. Here are some of the stupidest crimes ever committed by people:
1.    A teenage guy from Florida once incidentally dialed a wrong number and offered drugs to a police officer.  The police officer said “sure” and in no time went to his place to arrest him.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2.    A 33-year-old man from Colorado was arrested for impersonating a cop and asking for the copies of pornographic movies from an adult video store. To the shopkeepers he claimed to be the age verification detective. OMGKAV2409-23.    A 20-year-old man from New York was stealing $218 in cash from an apartment he had entered into and by mistake left his wallet carrying his identity proofs, cards etc. there on the bed. When he realized it, he went back but then the owner was already there. Standing outside he offered the man to return him the wallet for money but the victim made him indulge into useless stuff and in the mean time cops reached and arrested him.OMGKAV2409-34.    A bandit stole bags of some people who were busy in capturing the pictures of the surroundings, but while taking the bags away he didn’t realize that the victims were taking selfies. Because of his foolishness he got caught in the selfie and police caught him as soon as he stole the bags.OMGKAV2409-45.    A man named Jonathan G. Parker was robbing a house in Pennsylvania when he did a stupid mistake. He log into his social networking profile on the victim’s computer and forgot to log out before leaving. As a result it didn’t take long for the cops to arrest him.   OMGKAV2409-5

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